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In addition to grading we also sell high quality acrylic display cases so you can protect your collectibles (you spent a lot!)

They are designed so you can remove your toys any time. We can even create a custom display to fit any toy you have!

Featured Item

A rare 1982 Atari 2600 E.T. excavated in 2014
Only about 1300 cartridges of the estimated 700,000 were removed from the burial!


1988 Nintendo NES Silver Seal Zelda II: Adventure of Link VGA U85

News and Updates


    Effective immediately due to unforeseen circumstances, Collectible Investment Brokerage (CIB) will be unable to provide services through AFA until further notice.

    We appreciate the expertise and service that CIB provides to the collecting community through VGA, and we ask for all of our customers to respect Mr. Derby's privacy and his family's privacy during this hiatus.

    The following applies to all submissions currently at our facility requiring authentication through CIB:

  • Projected Completion Dates on or prior to 8/31/15 are expected to complete processing.

  • Projected Completion Dates 9/1/15 and later will be temporarily suspended through September. All customers with submissions falling within this time frame (9/1/15 and later) will be contacted with options on how we should proceed.

  • For future submissions with Prototypes and other rare figures requiring authentication through CIB, please hold all items until CIB’s services have resumed.

    Please check our website for periodic updates as they are provided to us.

    Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

    We can create virtually any custom style or size acrylic display case and we're excited to offer some new additions to our in-stock sliding bottom cases. Find the right case for your collectible on our Online Store.

    AFA has added conservative minimum value requirements for several types of vintage collectibles to ensure they are properly insured in return shipping to you. For additional details please visit our Minimum Declared Values page.

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Top Reasons
to Submit

VGA-grading provides...

Peace of Mind for Buyers

by verifying authenticity, checking for restoration and assigning a standardized grade.

Higher Resale Value for Sellers

because of the greater confidence and comfort afforded to buyers.

Greatly Improved Display Quality

by providing the highest quality, custom-crafted acrylic display case.

Preserves the Condition of Your Games

by carefully sealing your toys from further contact and limiting exposure to the elements.

Read more about the benefits of VGA grading and authentication.